Day 30 Eats!!! Day 5 Beach!!!

Day 30!!!!!!! We made it!!! So proud of everyone that achieved this amazing goal!!! So proud of everyone that fed their family better than they ever have and have made some wonderful and amazing strides towards wellness!!! Our “Whole Family” ate extremely well for 30 days and we feel great. What do we do now? […]

Day 29 Eats! Day 4 Beach!

I know I sound like a broken record but yay for another fun day at the beach! And yay for great Whole30 approved food! I can’t believe we’re already at Day 29 of our Whole30. It didn’t necessarily “fly” by but it was a very real, good, refreshing Whole30. Can’t wait to share our progress […]

Day 28 Eats! Day 3 Beach!

We are nearing the end of our Whole30 and we are having a nice and relaxing time at the beach. When we first arrived we spotted a farmers market and our plan today is to go back. First though, we started our day with a scrumptious yet SIMPLE meal of farm fresh eggs and acorn squash. […]

Day 27 Eats! Day 2 BEACH!!!

Our first full day at the beach and we are up and ready to get out there! Of course, we started with a great breakfast…. Salmon, eggs, peppers and mango. A wonderful beach breakfast! As we we getting ready I thought about the changes that we have had in our lives in the past few […]

Day 26 Eats…on our way to the beach!!!

We’re going to the BEACH today!!!!! Are we’re so excited!!! Can you tell?!?!!! But first…breakfast! I had to take a picture of our farm fresh eggs and our lucky green one. Aren’t they just the prettiest things ever?! For breakfast I was still trying to use up leftovers so I made a casserole of shredded […]

Day 24 Eats!

Day 24 was full of oldies and goodies…….. Breakfast was chorizo and egg (the oldie) along with sweet potato cinnamon hashies (the goodie).  Jeremiah actually took this picture of his chorizo and eggs and was so proud of it that he begged me to put it in. I told him of course. The hashies were […]