Day 6 Eats!

Today was a great day. Why? I’m glad you asked! Today we celebrated Jeremiah’s 5 year did-versary with his friends! Of course, first we started out with Eat Like a Dinosaur’s goose egg scramble. Dee-lish! 


Jeremiah was so excited to get to his party that we had to leave an hour early just to make sure we made it there in time. We did. We scarfed down breakfast and ran out the door to laser tag!!!

Jeremiah, and all of us, had such a great time. I was so glad we were able to pull off a celebration for him and it certainly was a celebration. We laser tagged, bumped cars, and putt-putted like crazy all morning. It was wonderful and yes, I held back the proud mamma tears, at least until we got in the car. Don’t laugh at me!
Lunch was a rush as Shiloh and I had to run off to a birthday party. I  sautéed mushroom fajitas, we threw it down and ran out the door.

Shiloh is my easy going girl and probably the most easy going child I’ve ever met. From birth she has always gone with the flow and I love it. She makes friends with everyone, finds the best in everyone, and hardly every complains. I say all that to brag on her but really to set the stage for how great she did at this birthday party. We ate ahead of time knowing that there might not be food to eat. We did know, like all parties, that there would be cake. We planned ahead of time and brought a n’oatmeal cookie and a date ball for Shiloh. She was so happy and thankful for her dessert she didn’t say anything about the gorgeous cake sitting on the table. She ate her dessert and jumped back on the water slide and continued to fly down it for hours. She did great in the face of temptation, as did I, and I am so proud of her. 

When we got home everyone was a little hungry so we made a snack of celery with almond butter and chicken wings with okra. Soooo good. Dinner was a delicious favorite, hissin’ chicken from Eat Like a Dinosaur. I took a picture of our meal but unfortunately my computer ate it, so here’s a pic I took a while back. Either way, trust me, it was great.

Today could very well have been a day with major amounts of sugar and big bellies all around. But we did it! Most people, myself included, would have gone for some pizza or nachos at laser tag, some great food and beautiful cake at the party, and then probably felt awful at the end of the day. We were strong and got through the day having a magnificent time, and continuing to feel great and stick with our commitment.

I am very proud of all of us. I hope you’re doing as well as we are!


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