Day 9 Eats!

My weekly meal plan is doing some major shifting this week. I had a lot of meals planned out and then… life happened. My meat guy at the farmer’s market has been m.i.a., go figure there was a shortage of veggies and thankfully we’ve been able to eat out a couple of times to change up the routine.

We are a flexible bunch and we go with the punches. When I am forced to make meals with what I have, creative and delicious foods come to be! Here’s one of those creative masterpieces: Spicy Shred! We are trying to move away from eggs at breakfast so this was breakfast today. It was the perfect combination of spice and sweet and we all loved it.





Brandon treated the family to lunch and it was divine. We all ordered the steak (except for Jeremiah) cooked in olive oil and mixed veggies. Jeremiah, the rebel, ordered the salmon with veggies and said it was delicious.



Brandon’s becoming a grill master and I am going with it as far as it will go! Tonight be grilled up some pork chops outside while I warmed up leftover veggies to go with it. 

Perfect dinner, wonderful family time, and a great day. I can’t say enough how blessed we are.


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