Day 14 Eats!

I know you know but I’m going to say it again just for good measure: we successfully made it through another great day of eating whole30 approved foods and we feel great!

One of our goals with this whole30 was to be together as a family more. It’s really cool to see that actually happening. Today was a day spent together, not by chance, or after a busy week, but a day spent together after many days spent together. And I think it ‘s growing on us.

The kids are playing together nicely, Brandon’s on the floor with them every evening, we’re having a great time cheering on team USA together, and we’re making wise decisions together as a family. I’ve got to say my most favorite, and selfish, part of this togetherness is the agreement Brandon and I made. Since I’m doing 95% of the cooking and it is creating a huge amount of dishes Brandon offered to be my dishwasher.

It’s working great  and it’s really nice to be working together. Hint, hunt guys! Brandon has also been enjoying grilling lately, as we all have. Just another way we are all working together.

Breakfast today was my have and one you’ve seen a lot of, and will continue to see, chorizo and eggs. Although we have brought eggs back into our diet, when it comes to Jeremiah I am still limiting his eggs. He is trying to hold in his excitement because he isn’t fond of eggs to begin with. So breakfast for Jeremiah was leftover salmon with the leftovers from lunch yesterday.

After church we went by a local jazz brunch and Brandon  and I enjoyed steak with sweet potatoes. The kids had bun-less hamburgers. This is why we love New Orleans. We can enjoy great food while singing the Who Dat song with a jazz band at the same time. Priceless!


After lunch we went swimming while Brandon slow cooked pork ribs on the grill. I quickly put together a vegetable medley and dinner was served. Perfect ending to a realizing day. 

Here comes the week! Are you ready? Have you planned your week? Do you know when you’ll be exercising? Do you have a bible reading plan? To get through this week successfully, you will need a plan.Be prepared and take on this week, head first. We’re right here with you!


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