Day 18 Eats!


We had a few options left for breakfast this morning and all ended up eating something different. I chose the rest of the hawaiian chicken and it was just as good as the other day.

Can I say again that making meals ahead of time is so great?! Try it, you will really like it! 

Brandon and I had a meeting right in the middle of lunch time so the kids ate while we met. Here’s a really awful picture of my cuties sharing a bowl of chicken salad. They also shared a small bag of chicharrones and each had a box of raisins. They were really cute rotating the one bowl and spoon around. You can see in the pic Jeremiah and Levi staring intently at Shiloh waiting for her turn to be done. Haha…

When our meeting was over I finally got to pick up some lunch for myself. I am now in the sushi mood and ordered…wait for it. 4 sushi rolls all for me!!! Of course, they were minus the rice and tiny, but sooo good and pretty too! I decided to make dinner what was supposed to be tomorrow’s dinner, tonight. Make sense? Anyways. I was tired and knew that this great meal is so beyond easy that I chose to go the beyond easy route today and go the somewhat more complex route tomorrow. Don’t judge! Dinner was a wonderful sausage and apple medley with a hint of cinnamon. We couldn’t get enough of this meal it was so warm and comfort-foodish. Recipe coming soon!

Thank God for a much more relaxing day today, at least as compared to yesterday! We are loving where we are and are so thankful for what God is doing in our lives. Lots of new and exciting things are happening in our family that I just can’t wait to share with all of you. Soon, I promise!




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