Day 25 Eats!

Talk about a lack of energy today. After running around like crazy people for the last few days we are worn out today! No time to rest though. The appraiser is coming tomorrow and our messy house needs to get clean. Talk about a day of basic eating. Breakfast was fruit. Yep, that’s it, fruit. We have zero food in the house except for the leftover fruit we had brought with us to Houston. So we ate fruit.

Last night I defrosted some frozen spaghetti chili to last us the next couple days, perfect plan. I always think spaghetti tastes even better as leftovers, and it really does.

Dinner was leftovers of yesterday which we were all totally okay with. I love cooking extra for a meal to last longer. Makes it even better when your kitchen stays clean!


Can’t believe we’re on day 25! For those of you just starting this journey believe me, by this point you will wonder where the days went. Sometimes it feels like these 30 days will never end but, like today, it feels like I blinked and here we are. It has been a wonderful journey and I love how great we are all feeling, especially in the face of a stressful time. If we can handle this, we can handle anything. And. So. Can. You.


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