Day 27 Eats!

Although we are under a good amount of stress right now with moving, I can only imagine how much worse it would be if we felt awful too. I am so glad we hit the reset button when we did. Eating right gets us equipped for the day and allows us to make good decisions without being foggy or having big bellies. I highly recommend it!

Breakfast this morning is a simple styrofoam plate of bacon and eggs. To keep from doing a bunch of dishes while trying to pack I made a huge amount of eggs and bacon today, to last for hopefully a few days.

Lunch was whatever leftovers we could find. To each kid his own on the weekends so everyone picked their favorite leftover and had at it. I had the last bowl of veggie chili with an apple and a nap. Perfect.

After lunch, and a whole family nap, we hit the road to find Jeremiah a tent. He has been wanting one for the longest time and has been saving his pennies to be able to get one. We agreed that for his birthday we would help him out with the rest of what he needed and today was tent shopping day. After the third store we finally found the perfect tent and had enough left over for a sleeping bag. Can you tell how excited he was? Let me tell you, over the top excited! The next day he set it up and camped in the living room!

After such a long shopping trip and getting home late we finished off some more leftovers (have I told you lately how much I love those?) I had a simple salad with homemade trail mix. Everyone else had leftover roast with veggies. I know how simple this sounds, and it is. That’s why I love it.

Perfect whole family day……..

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