Day 29 Eats!

2 days left! Can’t believe we’re already here and that we have held on even through a super stressful few weeks. I know many people that say as soon as they get through a stressful period they will then work on being healthy. People! Don’t wait! It might sound harder but honestly you will be able to deal with the stress so much easier if your body is feeling it’s best. Don’t wait unit the perfect time, or the beginning of the week or month, start now. Start now!!!

Breakfast today was a goodie we tried when going egg free and it’s now a regular that we love. Curried chicken and carrots!

We still had some mayo left and I HATE to waste homemade mayo. So what did I do? I made some more chicken salad and ate it with cucumber slices for lunch. This meal is so easy and fast to make it can be a regular go to meal when needed.

Dinner tonight was one of my favorite meals. This is a fave not only because it’s super tasty but because, you guessed it, it’s super easy and quick to make. Mushroom fajita bowl!

As usual, we had a great day full of great food. I’m almost sad to say that tomorrow is our last day of our whole30! Never fear though, healthy eating and healthy living will continue  as usual!





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