Day 30 Eats!

We made it!!! Woohoo!!!! Day 30!!!!!

Seriously, this was a hard 30 days. Normally we plan our whole30’s when we will be home, when there are no holidays, and when extra curricular activities will be low. Haha, did we get that wrong on our whole30! We sold our house, we traveled to Houston for 4 days, we went house hunting which was extremely stressful, we’re packing our now unorganized house, and have our lives thrown upside down. What a time to be on a whole30! Actually, it ended up being a great time and we all did a great job of keeping each other on track.

Here’s how we did on our last day:

Breakfast was my favorite comfort food of all time and a great way to end our whole30. Chorizo and eggs!

Lunch was leftovers from yesterday of mushroom fajitas and was still just as good. Yummm…..

I asked the kids what they wanted for dinner and the vote was unanimous. Chicken wings!

These wings really are the best. We ate them with raw broccoli, cauliflower and carrots dipped in homemade mayo with a dash of the seasoning from the wings. Sounds funny, I know, but sooo good. You have to try it.

And that’s it! We not only made it, we made it with flying colors! Stay tuned for a wrap-up post. Hope you guys are doing as well as we are. You can do this!



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