Jeremiah’s “Tin Can Chili”

Jeremiah is really starting to like this new found freedom in the kitchen. He’s not liking (go figure) that his little brother and sister want to help him. The life of a chef!

He has been planning this recipe for a while now in his head and now it has finally come to fruition. He opened so many cans while cooking that he broke my can opener and had to run to the neighbor’s to borrow theirs! That’s my boy with his strong muscles. I did a lot of the cutting and he did the opening, measuring and mixing. It was a process that I’m sure will get easier, faster and more creative as we go.

I am planning on making this much easier, so here are some tips:

1. Take an afternoon to cook up a whole lot of chicken, shred it and freeze it. This step would have taken me completely out of the picture and made it a much cleaner and faster prep. (You can always use canned chicken for this which makes it all the more easier, it’s just a bit more pricey and you really need to search out the brands that don’t add extra ingredients in the can. Sam’s brand is a good one.)

2. Dice up a bunch of raw veggies and freeze them in cup servings. This way, either you or your kids can pull the bags out of the freezer and dump them straight into the crockpot or pan without any prep time at all.

Without further adieu: Jeremiah’s “Tin Can Chili”! 

tin can chili

Here’s what you need: 

6 cups chicken (diced, shredded, canned, cooked or frozen- however it is, it will cook in the sauce)

2 cups carrots, minced

2 cups onions, diced

2 cans (or frozen) chopped spinach

1 can tomato sauce, 15 oz

3 cans crushed tomatoes, 28 oz each

1 tbsp garlic

1 tbsp cumin

2 tsp chili powder

2 tsp of secret spice: 100% raw cocoa powder!

salt and pepper to taste (about a tsp each)

Optional: top with a scoop of guacamole

Here’s what you do: 

1. Combine chicken, carrots, onions, and spinach in crockpot.


2. Add in crushed tomatoes and tomato sauce. Stir to combine.


3. Add in all spices and the secret spice, cocoa! Stir well and cover.


4. If your meat was already cooked, cook on high for 5 hours and then keep warm till you’re ready. If your meat was raw cook on high for tat least 8 hours.

Jeremiah hopes you enjoy this chili as much as we do! 

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