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As I was getting ready for baby #4 to grace us with her presence, I made major preparations. I didn’t even have a nursery set up (like at all) but food, food I had set up in plenty of time! I wanted to make sure that not only was my family well fed with delicious meals while I was out of commission, I wanted to make sure that I was not the one up in the kitchen cooking those meals. Can I get an amen? 

I have found quite a few recipes not only for meals covering the entire day, but for sides, desserts and snacks. There are options for everyone, all of them being naturally grain-free. Some include dairy if you can handle that and a few have natural sugars. Overall, these are very healthy, whole food meals that will easily go from the freezer to your plate, or from your freezer to your crockpot to your plate. 

I took a few days, spread out, to make many of these meals and filled up my deep freezer. Work now means rest later. When starting, make sure you have the must-have resources for these meals. Check the list and have all of those items in-house before you start as they make all of this much easier. 

Many of these meals can either be left big or, like with the breakfast casseroles, I cut them up into serving size pieces and freeze them in snack sized freezer bags for easy access. I freeze date balls and muffins 2 to a snack sized bag as well. Almost all of the meals can, and should, be frozen in gallon sized freezer bags to save space. The chicken pot pie recipe is geared to be made in foil containers, as others could be if you choose as well.

The snack list consists of no-cook items that our family loves and I plan on having available for all of us, especially when I won’t be up and at em. I listed some sauces and spices that are not necessary to have, but you might choose to make them to add to your meals. If you want to be super organized check out this Intro to Freezer Meals for  personalized planning templates and more.


Have fun, make a plan, make a grocery list, get cooking and fill that freezer! 


Must-Have Resources and Needs:

Label maker (splurge) or a permanent marker


Crockpot liners

Gallon sized freezer bags for meals

Quart sized freezer bags for pancakes and waffles

Snack sized freezer bags for muffins, date balls, shredded chicken and shredded turkey

Foil baking dishes


Breakfast Cookies

Pumpkin Waffles

Lagniappe Casserole

Pumpkin Sausage Muffins

Apple Muffins

Blueberry Pecan Muffins

Morning Glory Muffins

Banana Nut Muffins

Southwestern Frittata

Banana Apple Pancakes

Italian Brunch Bake

Meat and Veggie Mini Frittatas

Paleo Mini Frittatas

Pumpkin Cranberry Muffins

Apple Cinnamon Streusel Muffins

Paleo Egg Muffins


Tin Can Chili

Turkey Chili

Paleo Sausage Gumbo

Curry Chicken

Chicken Wings

Spaghetti Chili

Meatloaf Cake

Carne Asada

Italian Sausage Meatballs 

Pulled Pork

Cilantro Lime Chicken

Butternut Squash Lasagna

Thai Curry

Cilantro Lime Chicken (includes cheese)

Savory Chicken

Cilantro Lime Shrimp

Zesty Seafood Chowder


Pot Roast

Chicken Nuggets (included cheese)

Chicken Nuggets

Curry Fried Fish

Pizza Soup

Sweet Potato Soup with bacon

Chicken Pot Pie

Super Easy (non-frozen) Crockpot Meals:

Salmon and Spinach

Spanish Chicken


Apple Sauce

Sweet Potato Cinni-Mash

Cranberry Sauce

Cauliflower Rice

Apple Sauce

Please help me add to the sides list!


Coconut Oil Fudge

Tropical Smoothies 

Chocolate Cupcakes

Coconut, PB&J and Banana Date Balls

 Fudge Bombs

Chocolate Milkshakes

Lemon Poppyseed Muffins

Macadamia Chocolate Cookies

Cherry Ripe Chocolate Truffles

Apple Pie Balls

Banana Bread Balls

Banana Pumpkin Pucks

More Prep Work:

Boil chicken. Shred. Freeze in 1 cup servings.

Bake Turkey. Shred. Freeze in 1 cup servings.

Make hamburger patties, either frozen or pre-cooked, and freeze individually.

Optional Sauces and Spices to Make:

Creole seasoning

Barbeque Sauce


Barbeque Sauce

Mexican Sauce

Stir-Fry Sauce

Pesto (includes cheese)

Stir Fry Sauce

Presto Pesto

No-Cook Snacks to Have In-House: 

No filler Hot-Dogs


All- natural fruit strips


Plantain chips

Sweet potato chips

Trail mix

Dried fruit

Fresh fruit

Fresh veggies

Coconut flakes




Apple sauce

Almond butter

Squeezeable fruits and veggies

Items to Have in the Pantry/Refrigerator:


Canned Tuna

Canned Chicken

Frozen bagged single veggies (for sides)

Frozen bagged stir fry veggies (to add to a meat for a quick meal)

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  1. Ruth says

    Do you go ahead and fully prepare all of these fully, then freeze? I’m having a baby in September and want to spend some time now getting ready for him! Thanks :-)

    • says

      Hi Ruth! Sorry it took me so long to respond. Most of these are fully cooked, then frozen. A few specifically are supposed to be marinated and prepped but not cooked, but they will say. Majority though, are fully cooked first. Congrats on your soon-to-come baby! So happy for you guys! :)


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